Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P90X DVD Set for $50

So I bought this thinking I would do it, but I have found it is not my style of working out. I'd much rather just go out for a run. But this has all the disks in great condition (believe me, they were barely used) and it also has the fitness and nutrition guidebooks as well. I am selling all of them for $50 and they generally sell for $70-$90 so it's a really good deal!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

There was some water so my sister had to hold my dress up in the back. This is the family so far, we were just missing Anna's hubby, and Elsa's hubby.

We had a sweet tug of war, and I of course won. You can see my beautiful handmade veil made by my sister Anna. The combs are gold flowers with green jewels. The veil is Grecian style that drapes around the hair, as you can see. SOOOOO pretty!
Me and my B-E-A-UTIFUL bridesmaids peeking out from behind moi. So cute!
The cake we got done for $100 and I was soooooo happy with it :) We cut the cake and let me tell you, we did it perfectly!
This dress is a size 10. I got it from David's Bridal for $250. The corset bra was $69. The bolero was $25. The David's Bridal bag comes with. I am selling ALL of them together for $250 so you are buying the dress, but you get the other things for FREE! I have a beautiful veil handmade by my sister. It has some marks on it, but those can easily come out. If you want to look at the veil as well, I am selling it for $15.